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This site is dedicated to FLASHBACK our 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II altered wheelbase 426 Hemi car.  It was conceived, designed, and built as a tribute to the awesome factory A/FX cars that thundered down the dragways in the mid 1960's making history as the first "Funny Cars". 

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"FLASHBACK" races and exhibits in the Northeast and is registered here in the state of CT.   Partners Gary Gerard and builder Bill Atwood  invite you to bookmark this site and follow the progress of FLASHBACK and to come see the car at car shows and cruise nights in the Connecticut area. 

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Bill Atwood is now

a Dealer for VP Race Fuels


5 Gal cans 110 Octane in stock




Dyno Test of new engine build.

Here's Greg at Kiwi Engineering, Bill Atwood and the proud owner.

450 HP and 569 FP Torque at 3200 rpm!!

The latest photos from the shop

Steve Magnante now on the Web

Congratulations Steve!

Our friend and fellow AFXER Steve Magnante has made the big move to the Web.  His new site is up and running with the latest that Steve brings to the automotive publishing and tv world.  We thank him for all the great content he provided us AFXER's here and look forward to seeing what he is up to every week on his new site.

Check it out here

All the best and have one for us Steve! 

 Racing Action with Bill Atwood's new GTX at Englishtown

Photos posted to the 67 Dodge AWB Project Here 

Musclepalozza In-Car Cam Action

2011 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Burnout Contest   

Recent AFXER Racing Action Here 








AFXER.COM at the New England Hot Rod Reunion

Wheels Up Action and Jungle Pam!!


Flashback to the Rescue




Sept. 12-14 Epping, NH:  The 2nd annual New England Hot Rod Reunion saw a 7 car field of AFX/AWB cars battle it out in heads up match racing at New England Dragway on a beautiful fall weekend.  The cars represented a great cross section of match racing from the 1965-66 seasons as they transformed from factory AWB door slammers to full chassis flip top funnies.



Included in the show were Steve Magnante's Wilshire Shaker Nova and Rampage Dodge, Bill Atwood's McKesson and Flashback cars, Earl Storey's Nova, as well as the John Grinwald Gold Digger AWB 65 Dodge and John Holmes driving his original Arnie Bestwick GTO.



There was fast paced action all weekend and the match race final was between Gold Digger and the Bestwick GTO.  It was a great start with Gold Digger cutting a .073 light and it was close all the way to the stripe where Gold Digger took it by a fender with an 8.71 vs. the GTO's 8.72!



Click Below to see the Action



Jungle Pam with John Grinwald


The Show Must Go On!  When Bill Atwood's McKesson car was sidelined with a mechanical problem on Friday, the boys loaded it up and drove back to Connecticut to get the Flashback AWB car.  They drove it back that night to be ready for the first round on Saturday.  A full field of AFX cars was lined up for the fans.  Who else but Bill has a spare AWB ready to go?



Jungle Pam with Gary Gerard and Bill Atwood


Special thanks to John Grinwald and John Holmes for making the trip from Wisconsin.  Also for the support of Mike, Dave, Jamie, and Jim during the event.  Thanks to Steve Gibbs at NHRA for the great support and assistance.  Also many thanks to Jungle Pam for taking the time for a few photos with us.  Great Gal!!



Jungle Pam with Earl Storey




Attention AFXers

After much deliberation and some encouragement, we are expanding the scope of this web site to serve as a meeting place for like-minded AWB, AFX, S/S, 60's drag racers and show cars from the mid-atlantic and north east US.  There are a bunch of us who are doing our own thing (and loving it!), but would also like to see who else is out there.   By knowing each other we can set up match races, demonstrations, events, and shows to celebrate our place in the glory days of drag racing and to bring that extitement to new fans.
If this sounds like you, please click on "Community Home Page" above.